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The strength of AAI is the personnel attracted to the task. All volunteers are generally self funded, and no wages are paid. Volunteers work long hours in harsh weather, in very difficult conditions.

It is hard to employ people to work under such conditions but our volunteers however, seem indefatigable. The majority of our volunteers are otherwise fully and generally on leave from their regular employment which includes paramedics, doctors, police officers, solicitors, and publishing editors with outdoor skills.

AAI recruits medical and non-medical volunteers. Each volunteer brings their own set of skills, enthusiasm and care for the job and the people. No matter what you have already learnt, you will never stop learning with AAI.
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Our dedicated Volunteers are:


Belinda Cowley
English Language and Life Skills Volunteer

As a police officer and prosecutor of 13 years, Belinda has extensive experience and expertise in human relations/communication techniques, emergency scenarios and providing leadership. After some years of part time study, Belinda was admitted as an Australian Legal Practitioner in 2012 having completed a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

Belinda first looked into undertaking volunteer work after completing her major studies. She met the AAI team whilst completing the AAI Introduction to Humanitarian Operations training course and was so impressed and excited after the training she completed an application form for the GetInvolved! Education Program straight away. The following month Belinda flew to Thailand and taught English and life skills to Karen refugee children at Hway Ka Loke school in Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border. To further enhance her skill base, Belinda is currently undertaking a Master of Laws and plans to complete International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Litigation subjects during her course to assist in future deployments with AAI.

Emma Childs

Emma Childs is a nurse from England where she completed her BSC (hons). She has since moved to Australia and has based herself in the State of Western Australia. Emma’s experiences include general nursing, critical care work and more recently branching into the area of remote and rural health within Australia to enable her progression towards humanitarian work.

Emma volunteered with AAI during the Pakistan Floods in 2011 and she is now going to Cambodia to help lead AAI's Volunteer Medical Placement Program. Emma is hoping to be able to utilise her knowledge and practice gained throughout her nursing profession and her previous humanitarian work to assist those people in desperate need and to capacity build local health workers.

Emma is currently working rurally doing Emergency Nursing and is currently studying Masters in International Public Health.

Dr Abarna

Dr Abarna has completed her second year residency in Melbourne and is spending this year to volunteer with AAI internationally. Dr Abarna will be volunteering in Cambodia at the Pailing Referal Hospital.

Previously, Dr Abarna has worked in remote Northern Territory of Australia with indigenous communities and more recently has undertaken an emergency medical position work in rural Victoria . She is enthusiastic and adventurous and hopes to be able to support the healthcare development internationally.

Louis Berk
Volunteer Senior Medical Student - Mae Sot, Thai-Burma Border

 Louis is a senior medical student in the northeast US, and plans to continue his training in an Emergency Medicine residency. He has worked with AAI-supported trauma trainings for Karen medics on the Thai-Burma border for the last two years. He has served as a volunteer at the Mae Tao Clinic and Back Pack Health Worker Teams organizations, also on the Thai-Burma border, over the past 7 years, most recently for three months in 2011 in the Trauma/Surgery department at Mae Tao Clinic. Prior to medical training he worked variously as a graphic artist, designer, art director, management consultant, and bike messenger. He hopes to continue international aid work during residency, as much as training time allows.

Rachel Heenan

Rachel Heenan is a doctor, having recently graduated MBBS (Hons) from the University of Melbourne. Throughout her medical studies she volunteered in paediatrics and obstetrics at an NGO in India, as well as in Indigenous Australian healthcare organisations. She also undertook a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy and a Diploma of Modern Languages (French). She has completed research in Public Health through the University of Sydney and hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Health in the next few years. Rachel is currently volunteering with AAI for the first time in Sindh Province in Pakistan, conducting mobile medical clinics amongst communities affected by the August 2010 floods.

Abraham Boxx

Abraham - who is known as ‘Boxxy’ to most of his team, is currently on a volunteer assignment with AAI in Sindh Provence, Pakistan. He is from New South Whales and has recently completed his forth and final year at Charles Sturt University- with the successful completion of a double bachelors degree in Nursing and Paramedics. Abe has had substantial overseas experience secondary to his time as an Army Reservist- particularly throughout South East Asia and the Solomon Islands. Abe is interested in the great outdoors, and particularly enjoys Hiking. He is focused on a future in the Humanitarian Aid sector, and intends to undertake a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘International Community Development’ in 2011, through Victoria University

Josie Luppi

Josie Luppi is volunteering for the first time with AAI as a Registered Nurse in Pakistan. She has been nursing for over 10 years and her specialities are Sexual and Reproductive Health as well as surgical nursing. Josie has been working with refugees and asylum seekers in Melbourne, which has prompted her interest to undertake a Masters of Public Health - International Health stream through Melbourne University. She originally came from Brazil, but has been living in Australia for 18 years. Josie looks forward to putting all of her knowledge and skills into practice through aid work and assisting AAI in Pakistan

Emma Sturrock
Program Coordinator

Emma Sturrock is from Ontario, Canada where she completed an Honours Degree in Health Science at Western University in London, Ontario. She worked in child protection and community development prior to coming to Australia. She moved to Melbourne in 2008 to complete her Masters of International Health at Monash University. Emma has a vivid interest in travelling and health and as a recent graduate she is enthusiastic to get involved with AAI.

Emma Weaver
Program Coordinator

Emma Weaver is a New Zealander who has recently completed a Masters of International Public Health at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne. Prior to this she undertook studies in Anthropology and Social Sciences. She has travelled significantly across South East Asia, working in development and public health research and aspires to live the nomadic lifestyle for many years to come.

Kristel Grace Sanchez
Local Nurse

I just graduated last 2009 and my first work experience was when I joined CRC-CSL mobile clinic team as a mobile clinic nurse and as staff coordinator. I enjoy being a nurse and interacting with a variety of people. I look forward to working with Australian Aid International in the upcoming months.

Ronald Pajares
Logistical support and organization

Ronald is known to be versatile, hard working and efficient and he loves to work with different types of people. While he values ownership of all his responsibilities, he respects his superiors and co-workers and welcomes changes to serve the purpose and goal of his team. Ronald is working with AAI and he is providing much need logistical support.

Mark Jaredin
Local Nurse

Mark is a registered nurse who graduated from the Lyceum St.-Cabrini College of Allied Medicine in 2008. In May 2009, he worked as a full-time volunteer nurse in a government hospital for 6 months and recently worked as the Materials and Medicines Coordinator with the CRC-CSL mobile clinic. Marc has a passion for helping those who are sick and looks forward to working with Australian Aid International.

Danielle Joy Bernardino
Local Nurse

Danielle Joy Bernardino graduated from Colegio de San Juan de Letran in 2009 and is now a registered nurse in the Philippines. She is very passionate in caring for other people. Her recent experience as a health and hygiene educator and as a mobile clinic nurse has given her a new perspective to her nursing profession and maybe a new direction. Joy has joined AAI's team in the Philippines and will be a part of health education and capacity building project

Thea Andrea Bravo
Logistic Support

Thea Andrea Bravo is a Human Ecology Graduate from the University of the Philippines Los Baños majoring in Family Development. Her past experiences involves the education and care for preschool children. After sometime she was called to work together with the mobile clinic of CRC-CSL, during that time she has found her love for community development and helping people reach their potential so that they can empower themselves from their current situation. Thea now is very excited to work and being part of AAI.

Jennifer Watts

Jennifer Watts is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician in the United States.  She completed a pediatric residency and then continued in a pediatric emergency medicine fellowship.  She has done previous international work in developing countries, mainly in the Western Hemisphere, and also does research in Kansas City with minority populations.  In addition, Jennifer recently completed her Masters in Public Health and is becoming more involved in disaster medicine.

Chileen Lorenzo
Local Nurse

Chileen Lorenzo is a registered nurse in the Philippines. She previously worked as a Manager in various food establishments. Her love for service and caring for people made her decide to undergo a degree in nursing; a career which holds more meaning to her. She never gets tired of sharing herself even in long hours of work especially in time of calamities.

Dr. Dan Khodabahsh

Dan is a qualified doctor who is providing medical assistance to those affected by the typhoons in the Philippines.

Dr Richard Zoraster

Richard is a qualified doctor who is providing medical assistance to those affected by the typhoons in the Philippines.

Merica Linga
National Project Nurse

Merica Linga is a registered nurse in the Philippines . She holds a degree in tourism and worked as a Head Marketing Coordinator for several years before responding to a higher calling and switching to a career in nursing. Merica's extensive academic and vocational experiences make her a valuable asset to AAI. Merica enjoys spending time with people and visiting new places. Merica is a dedicated nurse who cares for her patients with compassion, sincerity and heart.

Donald Fontenot

Donald is a registered nurse with 20 years of critical care experience. Having worked on health and environmental issues in the  USA for the last 20 years, Donald has now turned his attention to international aid relief with AAI. Since 2006 he has volunteered providing medical aid after the earthquake in  Jogjakarta , Indonesia , the civil war in  East Timor and post-tsunami relief efforts in Pangandaran , Indonesia . After assisting in Burma in June of 2008 following Cyclone Nargis which killed over 100,000 people, Donald returned to SE Asia this summer to provide medical attention to over 500,000 displaced persons from the Philippines latest cyclone disasters.

Dr Jamin Mulvey

Jamin Mulvey is an Australian Doctor practicing in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Aviation-based Retrievals. Jamin has worked in many remote areas, including Southern Africa, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Antarctica. Currently based in Queensland, Jamin has been involved with AAI for over 4 years. His deployments includes the medical-response to massive earthquakes in Pakistan in 2005, and the current medical-response to flooding in the Philippines from Typhoon Ketsana. Jamin is completing his Masters in Public Health and will be involved with medical training of future volunteers working with AAI.

Megan Nagy

Megan Nagy is a fulltime university student currently studying International development at Victoria University in Melbourne , Australia . The AAI medical training team first meet Megan whilst she was working as a volunteer teacher providing education to Karen refugees on the Thai-Burma Boarder. We were so impressed with her dedication and understanding of the refugee situation in Thailand that we invited Megan to volunteer with AAI.

Since the beginning of this year Megan has been an active member with AAI, firstly completing the AAI Introduction to Humanitarian Operations course and then assisting with the development of the AAI Karen Refugee Education Project. Megan's exceptional skills and commitment led to her being offered the AAI Volunteer Coordinator Position. Many of you may have now been contacted by Megan in response to available positions within AAI or to update you information on our volunteer database.

Megan has done an outstanding job for AAI and manages a well administered volunteer database. Megan has great potential for an excellent career in the humanitarian and development profession and we hope to continue to help develop Megan's experience in this field. Thank you for being part of the AAI headquarters team Megan.

Penelope Sizer - Timor Leste
Health Coordinator

Born in Boorowa, country NSW and completing her high school in Yeppoon, central QLD, Penny went onto Brisbane to complete her nursing training. She is a registered nurse of 28 years, most of her experience been in orthopedic nursing. For the last four years Penny has been working at a private hospital in the mixed surgical ward. She completed her postgraduate certificate in Orthopedic Nursing at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital of London. After which she returned to a Brisbane pubic hospital where she was the nurse unit manager for the orthopedic department.

She chose to come to Timor Leste after she completed a workshop on Introduction to Humanitarian Work conducted by AAI, and was offered a position as a volunteer registered nurse in Timor Leste. Her role at AAI Timor Leste is a volunteer registered nurse participating in remote area clinics.

Tanya McKenny

Tanya is an experienced doctor from Sydney, having recent experience in rural and remote indigenous communities.  She has been interested in international health and assisting with humanitarian interventions for several years.  Tanya was a medical officer in Timor Leste, working on AAI's healthcare project in Atauro Island.  She has also conducted public health assessments for AAI in various locations and instructed on AAI's Introduction to Humanitarian Operations course in Australia and coordinated disaster risk reduction interventions within the East Asia and Pacific region.

Nairana Da Silva - Timor Leste

Nairana is a registered nurse from Timor-Leste who joined AAI in November 2007. She has worked in Australia, England and Northern Ireland primarily accident and emergency departments. She has a Diploma in Tropical Nursing and has interests in primary health care, health promotion and community development.

Eva Petaloka - Java
Executive Assistant


Daniel Pongsamma - Java
Training and Community Engagement Supervisor

 Daniel Pongsamma has a degree in Public Relations and communications and worked his way into the Supervisor role after showing great leadership in community engagement and organisation during the emergency phase of the operations in Java. Having proven his abilities as a mid level manager Daniel took on the role as national coordinator for other AAI programs, including reconstruction, water and sanitation, and emergency operations.

Daniel has been heavily involved in community engagement for all AAI programs and has developed and lead training in hygiene promotion, building techniques, and development of AAI's initial disaster preparedness and prevention proposed programs. Additionally Daniel has undertaken Train the Trainer training with AAI and humanitarian operations training.

Niko Herlambang - Java
Engineering Supervisor

Niko Herlambang is a qualified civil engineer and has been an engineer supervisor and 2IC for all of AAI's reconstruction projects in Java. Under the direction of the Program Director and Manager Niko has supervised all of AAI's building teams in health facility, school, and watsan reconstruction activities. Niko has also been responsible for all reporting and development AAI's data bases.

He has proven abilities in organisation and management of multiple numbers of building teams. Niko is also well aware of Australian standards of building control having worked on AAI building projects.
Julie Alexander - Timor Leste

Julie Alexander - Timor Leste

Doctor Julie Alexander graduated from The Queens University of Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2002. She has significant experience in obstetrics/ gynaecology and gained MRCGP (UK) in 2006.

Since then she has worked extensively in General Practice with an emphasis on women's health and family planning. She moved to Sydney, Australia in 2007 where she has been gaining further experience in emergency and trauma management.

Julie has a lifelong interest in tropical medicine and has travelled extensively throughout the developing world. Following her posting with AAI she intends to complete formal training in tropical medicine and public health before continuing with overseas work.

Drew O'laughlin - Timor Leste
Project Assistant

Drew O'Laughlin is a qualified Project Manager from the USA and has joined AAI as a volunteer construction project assistant. Drew has been working with the Country Manager, Dave Fuller on water projects. He has been helping to coordinate local construction companies to assist in the installation of water filters for a number of AAI's water projects. He also did an assessment on the possibility of installing a water filter at the Community Health Clinic on Atauro Island.

Kelli O'laughlin - Timor Leste

Kelli O'Laughlin is an emergency physician from the USA and has recently completed a masters of public health. Kelli has been in Timor Leste with AAI for the last month. She assisted with the mobile clinics on Atauro Island. She also designed a surveillance system to help track communicable diseases in the island communities. Working with the AAI Country Staff, Dr. O'Laughlin has written a survey on malaria perceptions and attitudes that will be given to the people on Atauro to help guide future bed net distributions and malaria teaching campaigns. During her time in Dili, Kelli has spent time giving medical lectures to local staff and has worked at the Bairo Pité Clinic.

Dr Tom Hilton - Myanmar (Burma)

Tom finished his medical degree in Australia in 2004 and has been recently working in rural and remote emergency care in outback Australia .

Tom is adventurous by nature and has Travel through the developing world - journeyed through South East Asia, Middle East, Cook Islands, Peru plus NZ, Canada , US, England & Scandinavia. Also regular distance runs (half marathons), road cycling, scuba diving (PADI rescue diver) and surfing (not quite Kelly Slater).

Tom joined AAI to make a difference in healthcare in the developing world through an inspiring and rewarding career in international aid work. After completing the AAI Introduction to Humanitarian Operations course Tom deployed with AAI's Disaster Response and Assessment Team to the Burma Cyclone in May 2008

Heather Lorenzen - Myanmar (Burma)


Heather is a Family Nurse Practitioner from Oregon, USA.  She has extensive experience providing reproductive health care and family medicine. She has done medical volunteer work in Cambodia, Philippines and Sri Lanka.  Heather volunteered with AAI in East Timor in 2007.

Frances MacDonald - Timor Leste

Originally from New Zealand, Frances is a registered nurse who has been working in Australia for close to five years. Frances has post graduate qualifications in intensive care nursing. Her interests are primarily in critical care with experience in intensive care and emergency nursing. She has recently spent time working in a community in the Northern Territory focused on Indigenous health. Frances enjoys travelling and the challenge of working in new environments. She has a keen interest in humanitarian work thus has joined AAI working in Timor-Leste focusing on health promotion and primary health care to rural populations.

Brad Chapman - Myanmar (Burma)
Information/Logistcs Officer

Having successfully completed AAI's Introduction to Humanitarian Operation course, Brad was selected for AAI's Disaster Response and Assessment Team to respond to the Burma Crisis. Brad volunteered with AAI to be the Information Officer firstly operating in Thailand to coordinate with UN and other international bodies. Brad has now moved into Burma to continue the role and to undertake logistical projects to ensure aid gets to the most needy people in Burma .

Brad's expertise is in Project Management and logistics with eight years experience in coordinating overseas relief and development projects for an number of international NGO's

Dr Dennis Stempler

Dennis Stempler is an American E.R. doctor. Although his international experience is less extensive than many of the others, he has over 20 years experience in the field of emergency medicine and wilderness medicine. He joined AAI in Pakistan 2005 after an email sent by Larry Stock requesting help was forwarded to 3 other people before ending up with him. Reconnecting with his hippie roots, he flew to Pakistan a few days later. He started as the newcomer and ended up as one of the medical directors. Dennis also went to Jogjakarta in 2006 to help with earthquake relief and Philippines in December 2006 with typhoon relief.

Dr Tina Caset - Timor Leste


Joe Litobarski - Java
Site Manager

Joe holds a degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford 's respected Centre for Conflict Resolution in the UK . Before joining AAI, he worked for several local authorities in the UK , coordinating various city-wide projects in the education and youth work sectors.

Joe has several years experience traveling, living and working in developing countries and situations of conflict. Whilst working in Northern Ireland , he volunteered for the Peace & Reconciliation Group (PRG), an organization which mediates between Loyalist and Nationalist paramilitary factions, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and the British Army. He received mediation training from PRG and is now a qualified facilitative mediator, with experience mediating in both Northern Ireland and England .

Elsje Fourie - Java
Community Engagement Manager

Elsje Fourie is the AAI's Community Engagement Manager in Yogyakarta . Before joining the project, she assisted in the coordination of the policy and practice activities of INCORE, a conflict resolution institute in Northern Ireland. She has also worked for the Japanese NGO Peace Boat, and for United Nations University in Tokyo . She has two postgraduate degrees in international relations from the University of Bradford, England. Originally from South Africa, she has lived in several countries and is currently based in the UK.

Suman Majumdari - Timor Leste

Suman is a medical doctor from Australia who recently completed his first mission with AAI on the Timor-Leste project. Suman is currently a physician (internal medicine) trainee in Melbourne . He completed medical school at the University of Newcastle and has recently completed a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James Cook University . He has had previous international health experience in India and Mexico and has been working in Indigenous Health in Australia in 2007.

Marion Brand - Timor Leste
Health Coordinator

Coming from working with the UN, she is the new Medical Co-ordinator of the Timor Leste Project. Marion grew up in Goolgawi, south-west of NSW where she owns a sheep and wheat property on which her children currently live.

Marion attended Nurses Training at Griffith Base Hospital. She has specific skills in surgical, pediatric, burns, blood bank and pathological collection. She also specialized in education in the fields of sexual and reproductive health and chronic diseases. Before heading to Timor Leste she was nursing in remote Australian communities, and most recently based at The Darwin Private Hospital.

After the unrest at the beginning of this year, Marion contacted a friend in the UN and offered to assist, her resume was submitted without her knowledge and next thing she new she was offered a job with UMOTIL now known as UNMIT.

Marion has been in Timor Leste for the past 14 months and brings with her valuable national experience.

Corinne Waddell - Java
Community Engagement Coordinator

After volunteering in Pakistan for AAI in December 2005, Corie changed career direction saying goodbye to over ten years in Cartography to enroll full time in the Masters of International Development at RMIT. While keen to complete the course by June 2008, the offer to volunteer again with AAI in their Community Disaster Preparedness Program in Java, Indonesia was the perfect opportunity to combine the theoretical with the practical. She is passionate about empowering others to take advantage of the opportunities/choices available to them and seek personal satisfaction through their achievements. She hopes to bring her diverse set of skills, both technical and interpersonal, to the already talented team in Java and looks forward to making a significant contribution to the team while learning as much as possible.

Crystal Brown - Timor Leste
Project Nurse

Crystal Brown, a Bachelor level Australian registered nurse specialised in Acute Spinal at the Victorian Spinal Cord Injuries unit in Melbourne . Qualified in Adult Education, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, preceptoring/ mentoring / educating and assessing new nurses, refresher nurses, graduates and nursing students including on ward teaching. With fifteen years experience in geriatrics including Nurse in Charge, a Spinal Injuries Unit in England in 2005 Nursing experience includes accident and emergency, orthopaedics, stroke, post traumatic stress syndrome, mental illness and mental impairment, behavioural issues, acquired brain injuries, community based care rehabilitation, basic paediatrics

Crystal Joined the AAI team in June 2006 as a part of the Emergency Relief Team in Yogjakarta responding to the earthquake in late May. Duties included field based work and related documentation, teaching and reporting writing. Crystal has now been working in Timor Leste since March 2007 assisting in design, organisation, implementation and evaluation of health training to local professionals and the general community alongside various primary health care programs and hygiene initiatives.

Emma Clements - Timor Leste
Project Nurse

Emma is a Registered Nurse and medical scientist from Adelaide who grew up in rural South Australia and Victoria . With a Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in Pathology, Emma Clements worked in microbiology pathology laboratories prior to training as a Registered Nurse in Adelaide . With a nursing background in general medical and surgical wards, and Intensive Care, Emma recently spent nine months working in rural and remote South Australia . Her experience of both tropical illnesses diagnosis and primary health care prompted her interest in Tropical Medicine in which she is currently studying for a Masters of Public Health, her particular interest being Communicable Disease Control.

Emma joined the AAI team in early July as a Project Nurse and has played a major role in providing capacity building through up skilling the local nurses. Working within the Timor Leste Treatment protocol guidelines, she is working on increasing knowledge of disease diagnosis to ultimately improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable populations of Timor Leste.

Sahba Delshad - Timor Leste

Sahba Delshad is AAIs Health Promotion Co-ordinator in Timor Leste. Having grown up and lived most her life in rural Australia (Wagga Wagga, Launceston and Lismore), she has just left a teaching job in at University of Western Sydney were she completed a Bachelor degree in Health Science and a Double major in Health Promotion and Health Service Management, Sahba Delshad has been undertaking a needs analysis in the Aileu District. Functioning within the governmental guidelines Sahba has been working with the AAI team to develop Community Based Training. With a passion for international public health and community development, past experience with Indigenous, migrant and refugee populations Sahba is developing community information programs that can not only be implemented in the districts, but that local health staff can be trained in order to maintain sustainability once AAI has left.

Since her arrival in mid July Sahba has worked closely with the AAI Project Nurses and the local medical staff to create Community Based Training materials focusing on breast feeding, malaria, TB, diarrhea and nutrition.

Sasha Poll
Health Promotion Advisor

Sasha Poll is an experienced medical relief worker most recently dedicating 7 months to Tsunami relief in Indonesia as a Medical Coordinator for a large NGO. Prior to the Tsunami, Sasha had been a rural health nurse operating in remote areas of Thailand as an independent partitioner. Sasha is a bachelor level registered nurse with specialisation in paediatric psych, ER, and haematology oncology.

Sasha was instrumental as part of the Emergency Response Team that mobilized a first response to the March 28th earthquake on Nias Island saving thousands of lives in the first five days after the earthquake.

Sasha initially assisted the AAI Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT) who deployed to Pakistan directly after the earthquake by providing vital medical logistics support in Bangkok . She then went to the earthquake that hit Java in May 2006 and Timor leste in 2007.

Dr Jason Fischer MD MSc.

Jason was raised on a beef farm outside Listowel, Ontario, Canada. He completed a Master's Degree in Nutrition at University of Guelph in 1999. Attended medical school at St. George's University School of Medicine, West Indies from 1999 - 2003. Completed Emergency Medicine Training at Alameda County Medical Center, Oakland CA in 07/2007. Began Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Oakland Children's Hospital in 08/2007 and is an avid sportsman who loves hockey.

Anna Dyer
Nurse Educator (Pakistan)

Anna Dyer is a nurse with certificates in midwifery, infant and family health, renal an audiometry. She has worked in community health in NSW and ACT for 16 years as a clinical nurse specialist in child and family health and nurse audiometry in both urban and rural communities. For the past three years Anna has been a volunteer with the Afghan refugee community in Australia as an English tutor, supporter and advocate.

Melissa Tylee

Melissa comes from Drouin South, Australia. She has a Bachelor in International Studies from Flinders University and currently completing a Masters in International Urban and Environmental Management from RMIT University. Melissa went to Pakistanin 2005 to work with iEARN Pakistan and the World Education Corp, but joined AAI during a weeks break from her other duties and headed up the clean up the world campaing.

Bill Rohs

Bill Rohs is an experienced humanitarian relief worker who returned from Tsunami affected Indonesia where he worked on programs in earthquake-stricken areas of North Sumatra. Bill is a self-starter, small business and restaurant owner with over 15 years experience. Art is another passion and he holds an advanced degree and is experienced in art education from kindergarten to 12th graders. He has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, is avid outsdoorsmen and skier with extensive travel to many developing countries. Bill went to Pakistan in 2005.

Neena Rohs

Neena Rohs is an experienced humanitarian relief worker who was a Medical Director in Indonesia working on programs in earthquake-stricken areas of North Sumatra. Neena has an American College Board Certified Emergency Medicine, trained in Denver program, worked in community (private and public settings) for over 3 years post-certification. Adjunct Faculty, University of Denver Graduate School of International Studies, taught International Health. Has 2 years training in General Surgery at Oregon Health Sciences Center and MS in Tropical Public Health from Harvard University, Master's Thesis on the impact of malaria on pregnancy. A BA in International Health, Stanford University. Has done nonprofit consulting, fundraising, and program experience for organizations in India, Nepal, and Latin America and an experienced mountaineer and climber with extensive travel to many developing countries Neena went to Pakistan in 2005.


David Wegman

David Wegman is an Architecture student from Melbourne University and has taken time off from his studies to volunteer for AAI in Kashmir in 2005. Dave has travelled extensively throughout South-East Asia and after compleating two and a half months in Kashmir as a member of AAI's shelter program he has returned to Melbourne to continue his degree.

Denise Elzinga

Denise graduated from Purdue University School of nursing in 1990. She worked for 7 years in Critical Care specializing in Cardiac patients. Worked as Charge Nurse and team leader for the hospital Code Team, responding to all arrests house wide.

The last 9 years have been spent in various types of home care and worked for the Children's' Memorial Home Care, providing pediatric infusions, assessment, and general pediatric care for approximately 2.5 yrs.

For the past 5 years Denise has held a management position in Home Care and is responsible for 10+ employees and the handling of the day to day business. Denise went to Pakistan in 2005.

Glen Cooper

Glen graduated 2001 as a licensed vocational nurse, following graduation he worked for 2 years at Ben Taub the county trauma hospital in neruo med-surg and the emergency department. For the past 2 years he has worked in home health. He is also certified in fire, emergency medicine, and emergency and confined space rescue. He is knowledgeable in IV therapy, wound care and all aspects of assessment. Prior to nursing Glenn worked in the Chemical plant industry for 25 years with 13 of those years at the supervisory level. He is currently working on obtaining his RN. Glen went to Pakistan in 2005.

Cynthia Kleinen

Cynthia is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Nursing. From 1999 to 2003, she competed in “Adventure Racing” and was a member of three teams. Her work experience includes ICU, cath lab, research (primarily in cardiology). The last 19 months, has managed the home care office at The University of Chicago, where she gained considerable experience in traumatic and surgical wound care. Daily activities include patient teaching to support the patient's transition to home with diverse diagnoses and applications. Cynthia went to Pakistan in 2005.

Joanne Berg

Joanne holds 2 diplomas in nursing, one in psychiatric nursing and a diploma in nursing, totaling 30 years. She is originally from Canada, but got to Texas as fast as she could. For the past twelve years she has worked in management doing start up programs in rural hospitals, she has held positions in regional programming, executive management, and Director of nursing, currently she is the administrator of the Houston, Texas branch of Dyna Care Home health. Her diverse background in nursing includes infectious diseases, medical neuro, gastroenterology, rheumatology, psychiatry and is competent in infusion therapy, wound care and is able to do assessments including the bio-psycho-social elements of those in her care. She is currently working towards the completion of a Bachelors of Science in nursing, on the fast track to a master's degree. Joanne went to Pakistan in 2005.

Dr Bryan Chaffee

Dr. Bryan Chaffee, M.D. was an Emergency Medicine Attending at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco , California. He trained at Harbor-UCLA with Dr. Larry Stock, M.D. He has traveled extensively around the entire world including the Middle East and has done medical volunteer work in both Peru and Columbia . Bryan went to Pakistan in 2005.

Bryan died October on 25, 2006 on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa. Click here to read our respects.

Jason Talbot

Jason is an intensive care paramedic with close to 8 years experience. He has worked for 3 different ambulance services across Australia and has worked as a paramedic with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia at Ayres Rock. Jason has a passion for travel and adventure, so the opportunity to visit Pakistani Kashmir in 2005 was one he embraced. With the help of another Australian medical company, Immediate Assistants (, he provided clinical experience at remote clinics, treating patients affected by the disaster. Volunteering for AAI is one of the most rewarding endeavours Jason has undertaken. He plans on doing further work in the field as opportunity arises.

Terry Wohler

Terry Wohler is an American registered nurse. She has over 30 years of nursing experience, the last ten years specializing in emergency medicine. She learned of AAI through Dr. Larry Stock and grabbed the opportunity to go to Pakistan in 2005 to offer assistance with the earthquake relief effort. She states that this experience has been life changing and will volunteer again as the need arises. .

Sarah Wolher

Sarah Wohler is an American who is currently working at an emergency room in California as a scribe as well as continuing her studies toword her goal to become an emergency medicine physician. She has traveled extensively -- West Africa, Southest Asia, Jamaica and the Bahamas, Australia, Latin America,  all throughout Europe, and had spent two years studying abroad in Spain and Holland. Her volunteer service in Pakistan in 2005 broadened her goals to include a desire to continue with humanitarian relief efforts and International Public Health.

Dr Judy Wong

Dr Judy Wong is a fourth year Emergency Medicine resident at Alameda County Medical Center - Highland General Hospital in Oakland, California.  Prior to going to medical school, she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic for two years.  While she has always enjoyed travelling, this was her first experience doing relief work.  She plans to continue doing more in the future. Judy went to Pakistan in 2005.

Dr Tom Richards

Tom Richards is an emergency medical doctor in the residency program at Highland General Hospital, the county trauma and medical referal center for Oakland, CA.  He graduated from Harvard Medical School and has worked in South Asia before in Bangladesh.  His interests include International Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound. Tom went to Pakistan in 2005.

Dr James Hardy

Dr James Hardy was a volunteer physician in Pakistan 2005. Dr Hardy has also spent 3 years in Maritania as part of the Peace Corps.

Dr Wahaj Junaidi

Dr Wahaj Junaidi is a doctor from Karachi and was part of the Early Response Team to Pakistan in 2005.

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